The Secret of Success

computer work is bad for the eyes
yesterday I had a bout of seeing double
today is grey November and winter is coming
we wait for the owls

I wish I had a plot for a novel
that nobody will ever read
I get emails from a guy who says
he knows the secrets to launch books on Kindle

that’s almost funny
me and twelve million others all trying to get attention
but maybe they don’t know these secrets
what if I learn them – cheap at five hundred

well, we know who has one secret
it’s easier to get rich telling others the secret of getting rich
than using the secrets yourself
so logical

if you hope for a miracle
a lottery ticket is cheap
I don’t mind wasting three bucks
on a hopeless cause

they say fear of success is common
perhaps that’s so
I wish I knew
yet I know this

success takes work and I’m done
fame and money yes, but work no
just give me the prize
and keep the success

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