So You Want to Write a Book?

you will need one of these

47,000 words. 25 days. 50 hours. 25 cups of tea. 22 pages of plot notes. 93 pages of typewritten draft. 1 Olympia Traveller. 1 Hermes 3000. 1 Smith Corona 5 (Eaton’s deluxe). 1 sore back. 1 case of nerves. 25 beers (dinner). 10 swims. 6 walks around the lake. Countless hours of pondering the plot. All just to say you wrote a book. A book you will publish yourself and that will not become a best seller, win the Booker, the Giller, the Pulitzer, or the Nobel or a million other prizes. Even if you think it should, which is ridiculous, but so what? Why else write a g–damned book?


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6 responses to “So You Want to Write a Book?

  1. Suddenly I want to read more of your story … !

    Well done, I admire those who can finish NaNiWriMo.

    Oh, I love the inverted scan of the work, may have to try that with my typecasts.

  2. milesrider

    p92 – “truting”?

  3. milesrider

    You have covered quite a range of subject Don, however somehow you do not appear to have anything on fountain pens – did I miss that? If you have any I’ll trade you for an old Remington portable. Hope to see you at Christmas!

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