Hats for Typists

Back in the olden days, when my mother was a typist, my father and his generation of men all wore fedora’s. So to me, the idea of a fedora and typing just naturally go together. I must not be alone however, when it comes to nostalgia, the proof of which I recently blundered upon after buying a slightly used fedora at a thrift store. The hat in question cost me $3.50, and for that price I couldn’t pass it up. I have a large head, and so it’s hard to find hats that fit, since most old fedoras seem to be size 7 or so, and I need more like 7 1/2. This one fit, barely, and a peek under the leather band revealed the size as 7 3/8, which meant it fit but not loosely. Good enough however, and so far I can report that it seems to be molding to my head with wearing. The name of the hat maker was new to me, so I checked on the net and discovered that it was not an old vintage hat after all, but a modern one, made in Austin, Texas. Price $450! Made to order. “The Future is Nostalgic” exclaims the banner on the home page! To further prove my point about fedoras and typewriters, I present a photo from the website in question – note the Corona 3 folder. I’m still looking for one of these, and if I live long enough I may get one for a good price, but probably more than $3.50.

Bykowski hat with Corona 3 Typewriter

the label of my new-old “vintage” hat

Here is my version of “hat with typewriter”:

my Bykowski hat (the Ritz) with my Remington Portable

I have not tested the hat with a typewriter yet, but I will put it to use soon. There are numerous other fedoras in my stable, however, so I have a choice for every occasion and era.

a sample of my fedora collection

Back row: Dorfman Pacific of California, Brixton of China

Front row: Bykowski of Austin Tex, Baileys of Hollywood, Christy’s of London

If you shudder at spending $450 for a hat, then I suggest the Brixton line, which are dirt cheap by comparison and made with decent wool felt, but not beaver like the Bykowski and the Christy’s. Best value for the quality is probably the Christy’s,  made with the finest beaver felt and  available for $153 as of the latest sale price. Mine is the Knightsbridge as far as I can tell. I got it for $7 at Sally Ann.


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2 responses to “Hats for Typists

  1. Fantastic selection of hats! I, too, have a collection, mostly Goorin, Biltmore, Bigalli, and Stetson. I wish people wore classic hats again. There’s a kind of language to them—different forms of greeting, whimsical or grave expressions—that we’ve lost. And it isn’t as if hats aren’t in use. Baseball caps are everywhere.

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