The Good Old Days

Remember when you could smoke and type on a plane? Two things you could be arrested for these days! But which typewriter did Higgins use? We know what she was smoking, however I doubt she actually wrote the quote about why she smoked Camels; the grammar and sentence structure are much too dumb to have come from a Pulitzer Prize winner.

This LIFE ad popped up in a search I did for a totally unrelated thing! I’d never heard of Higgins but it turns out she was a very interesting person. Random!!

camel cigarettes margeurite higgins typewriter

I bet she had a beer down on the seat.


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3 responses to “The Good Old Days

  1. also, when plane windows were large enough to allow a grown person to be sucked out if it broke? 😀

    Guessing Royal Model O

    • The days when James Bond was a real man, and drove a Bentley! Don’t know the Royal 0 but now I will be hunting for one. In my Bentley. With the Colt 45 in the glove box..

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