A Lesson in Probability (from the ice)

hockey - it's so predictable

hockey – it’s so predictable


What to do Odds of success Math odds
Pretend you’re losing until three minutes from the end 1:93 .010
Wait until it’s hopeless and pull your goalie 1:51 .019
Let the other team shoot the puck at your open net and hope they miss 1:458 .002
Tie the score with one minute left 1:54 .018
Take a cheap penalty to ensure you lose 1:29 .034
Hope the opponent gets a penalty 1:37 .027
When they do, get a breakaway and fall down 1:24 .041
Hope the opponent gets another penalty 1:16 .062
Only now do you score on the ensuing penalty 1:57 .017
Combined odds of winning 2.75 quadrillion to 1  

Yet, like life itself, sometimes the improbable does occur!


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