USB Typewriter Kit

testing the usb typewriter
here it is – it sees to be working now, qwertyuiop
return works too, but o caps yet no caps yet
set touch o heavy ow o nnnow does tend to skip some letters
like the n at times space works UUUUUUUASDOESTHESHIFT
BUTnot together it sems seems MM MM CAPS
to sumarkie summariesummarize:some functions ork,
others need to be teaked.Suspect the code has a bug that ill
not allo caps lock and space bar function to work simultaneously,
but other than that it does work=+, although e seem to have
mapped a few characters to twhe wrong keys.
Oh yes, we have instaled this on an Olympia SM9 Deluxe.
We modified the installation instructions and installed a ne
cross member made of wood, hich holds the contact strip. I ill
post a photo ot two ith this. EOM


Olympia SM9


other end of sensor

other end of sensor

felt strip acts as cushion for thin metal contact strips

felt strip acts as cushion for thin metal contact strips

magnet and switch for space bar

magnet and reed switch for space bar

wood crossbar holds sensor strip

wood crossbar holds sensor strip


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11 responses to “USB Typewriter Kit

  1. That’s a really cool, interesting gadget.

  2. maschinengeschrieben

    Cool! Does the carriage return work as ENTER key?

  3. Stu

    written while on morphine? Don?

  4. Bill M

    Yours is the first one I have actually seen used by anyone other than the company or person selling the kit. Is the source code included? If it is you could probably customize it to work with the shift lock and space bar.

    • Bill, no code I’m afraid, but my son is a computer science grad – this was my birthday present from him. He thinks we’ll be able to get the code and hack something like you suggest.

  5. well done! next step, map the pc keyboard to match the typewriter so you don’t miskey anything.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I have been sorely tempted to get one of the easy install kits; I figure I should know about this first-hand. Still unsure, though, about its value and how it will alter my relationship to a typewriter. Only one way to find out! But please keep us posted on your experiences with this device.

    I like your solution for the ENTER key. Having ENTER at the end of every line would mess up a digital text, but ENTER needs to be available in order to create a paragraph break. I was wondering how to manage that.

  7. Hi — this is Jack from USB Typewriter. Thanks for posting your experience with our kit — I’m glad it worked for you. But you are right– there was a weird glitch with this last round of circuit boards that caused backspace and spacebar to behave weirdly on some kits — it is fixed on the new boards we sell. If you change which holes that your spacebar sensor is plugged into, it should fix the problem. There is a more elaborate fix if you want to contact me about it. PS– make sure you glue down your contacts so they don’t shift about over time. Cheers!

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