NaNoWriMo – excerpt 2

Getting close to the finish line here. Three days to go and I need 2100 more words to hit the magic number of 50,000. One problem – impossible to wrap it up that fast! More furious typing ahead. Have switched back to the ultimate typing speed machine, Hermes 3000 in order to up the production rate to the max.


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2 responses to “NaNoWriMo – excerpt 2

  1. 'Skip'

    Good Luck!
    I was going to do NaNo with my Remington Travel-Riter this year but wimped out. I wrote on an Alphasmart 2000, instead. Transferred everything to my laptop at the end of the evening to do spellcheck, wordcount, and general cleanup of the text. I blame peer pressure. *sigh*.

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