The Big One

specialty keys

Olympia SG1


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5 responses to “The Big One

  1. Bill M

    Very neat typewriter. I was going to guess that it was an SG-3. I was looking at one and would like one, but I have no room for any kind of a desk / office typewriter. I think my better half would also turn into not better; as is it’d be me or the typewriter. I do really appreciate her tolerating my portable collecting along with amateur radio.

  2. Another sighting of the Beast of Wilhemshaven! I love mine and it looks like you are mid-restoration. I am not an Olympia devotee. I like them, but they don’t rock my world. However, an exception can be made for the SG-1. It’s a fine typing machine. I like it almost as much as my Royal HH and that is high praise coming from me.

  3. @Bill: well I may be wrong but it looked like pictures of the SG1.
    @Ryan: Not sure how to restore it to it’s glory but I did do a lot of cleaning, scrubbing and pouring on of Ronsonol over the sticky bits.

    Anyone know why they had those special characters? Seems like it was made for something beyond your normal typing of letters. The entire carriage comes off too! I suppose that they made other sizes of carriage that you could put on it, extra wide no doubt.

  4. That’s a helluva thing!

  5. *sigh*

    A Grail Typewriter for me, indeed. Never mind that I have no place to put such a beast, and the first thing it would get to type up would likely be the divorce paperwork.

    “Brought another damn machine into the house.” — my long-suffering wife

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