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The more you learn about this world, the stranger it gets. Every book I read these days seems to be telling me that everything is connected to something I could never imagine. It’s a universal story. I just finished the third book by Yuval Harari, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. He wrote it in 2018, and he said a lot about Russian and Ukraine. I’m not saying he predicted the war, but maybe he did, if you read between the lines. Harari was very concerned with AI, but so far I doubt that there is any computer that can predict what Putin is thinking. That is too bad in one way, but a relief in another. Back at the library, I stumbled (I’m forever stumbling) on a very interesting book about Ernest Hemingway, who may have been an NKVD (KGB) agent. So far it is more interesting than any of Hemingway’s novels! I also recently stumbled upon a Hermes 3000 that had no ribbon cover. It was one of the last models, all plastic, but inside the same as the originals. Why they changed the casing beats me. If they had to switch to plastic, they could have simply made it look like the first, or second generation, but instead they rose to their level of aesthetic incompetence. Then I stumbled upon some coffee that oddly enough was connected to somebody who I sold a typewriter to, several years ago. So I had to write a little thing about some of these connections, to keep up my typing skills and to bond with my topless H3K.

Hermes 3000 with Epoca typeface

I made a lid out of cardboard – ugly I admit, but it is a lid of sorts.

Homemade cardboard lid and logo

Oh yeah, that coffee:


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