Bagels For Sale

Beatles For Sale LP

The only LP in history that could surpass this would be another Beatles, but I have my doubts.

my homemade bagels (not for sale really)

These bagels are surpassed by Montreal bagels fresh from the brick oven, barely.

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3 responses to “Bagels For Sale

  1. Robert

    Great post! Good looking bagels, too. I like the photo up at the top of the blog as well :-)

  2. Bill M

    Very nice post. I remember bagels as a child, but as you until I went out on my own to college did I really find all the unique foods of the world. Thanks for the fine post that brings back some good memories. Now I need to do something I never did before: bake some bagels.

  3. Val Nathan

    Hey good one Don. Makes me want a Bagel or a Beatle – hmm, tough choice…

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